About Us

We are creative multidisciplinary studio specialized in branding. We design to create brand perception making simplicity a signature reflected in everything we do.

We know that a brand goes beyond a full colour logo, that is why we design proposals that are brought together around a values system and a brand philosophy that is expressed naturally.

Giving special importance to that human side that creates bonds with people, we get as a result more honest brands, that accomplish to be perceived with clarity, consistency, isolated from noise and concerned about details.

What We Do

we design brand perception
with a global perspective

We like to touch brand’s hearts, live them and feel them as ours to be imbued with its essence and in this way highlight accurately what will make it unique and memorable.

We believe in taking care of esthetic and in the functional design as a powerful tool that can project a brand’s essence and propitiate relationships with its clients that go beyond transactional. Because without no doubt today, more than ever it is necessary to create, to improve people’s lives.



We add value to brands in a strategic way, under a minimalist esthetic. Everything we design pursues beauty and functionality.


About design, clean communication and brands that keep their promises.


We value simplicity as the ultimate sophistication and this is to simplify what is unnecessarily complex.


We know what is convenient for a brand and we defend it to death. A patient doesn’t contradict the doctor, that is the respect we expect towards our professionals.


We create so brands connect better with people and not just for the money. We never sacrifice good design nor create without a purpose just to please.


We don’t follow the pack. We are loyal practitioners and defenders of our creative philosophy. We are not distracted by outer noise.


This is the true secret of creative people. We never stop inquiring, preparing ourselves or taking new challenges. We love the depth of things that lead us to discover its core.


We take over each project as the biggest in our career. We always give more than expected, thanks to the passion that drives us.


An added value that allows us to create proposals in accordance with the personality and strategy of the brands, to achieve results truly honest.
The Team

Teamwork, everybody’s success

We are a team of professionals, specialized in several disciplines with a passion for brands that leads us to give the best, to achieve only the best results. We appropriate every project taking over it with the maximum engagement level, and investing all our passion for simplicity, from execution to result.

Eduardo Parra
CEO & Creative Director

Modernist, passionate and perfectionist. Eduardo is a specialist in Identity and Branding that has been designing since 2010, leaving an unique signature in professional projects in and outside Venezuela. He is a great fan of minimalism, colour black, movies and magazines. Endless enthusiastic of proportion and space, LEGO and desserts. Eduardo is inspired in a package good design and the smell of fresh print. In his free time he plays to be MARVEL superhero and states he was a commercial flights pilot in some past life.

Quote: “Everything is inescapably possible”.

Jose Portillo
COO & Strategy Director

JJ is a communicator who has blended his profession and undertaking since 2010. He likes to participate in projects, having as a base the development of good concepts and the creation of powerful messages that turn out coherent to a brand strategy. He is passionate about photography and dedicates part of his time inside and outside the company. He enjoys books and trips to places where he can nourish from and learn from new cultures, he is a fan of environmental causes who dreams with a more harmonic world in his surroundings.

Quote: "Be the change you want to see".

Daniel Portillo
New Business Director, Santiago de Chile

Nature and its perfection lover, Daniel is a communicator, living in Santiago, who handles new business from the Southern cone of the continent. Dummer; music, trekking, movies, low saturation, and black and white fan, he is a professional who has seeked to create consciousness through his work and who gets inspiration in nature. In his free time, he enjoys to climb the mountain and enjoy the city.

Quote: “Passion and hard work, equal success”.

Daniela Trujillo
Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Creative and passionate. Daniela is a graphic designer and illustrator who enjoys taking new challenges and experiences that allow her to learn AND EAT! new things. She is an tireless creative who loves working in projects of editorial design, audiovisual media and animation, while she watches horror movies or series.

Quote: “When I’m drawing I try that my feelings are captured in every line”.

Mariam Olivero
Graphic Designer

Passionate and obsessed to the core about visuals. Mariam is an audiovisual communicator and designer who works with Minima in experimental and alternative design projects. She is a coffee, chocolate and gym lover. Often, she creates parallel worlds for herself where she travels to connect with nature, do yoga and help others.

Quote: “Imagining, creating and capturing is as necessary as breathing”.

Minima Studio

The space we call home

Here, hundreds of ideas that help bringing our projects to life are born and multiplied. It is imbued with our DNA and every detail in this place is a faithful expression of our philosophy and way of understanding design. Here, we write every day the story of our Brand, creating the one for our clients; a story filled with right and not so right choices, and learning that commit us every day more with what we do.

If you are in our city, Be Welcome! Let’s have a coffee while we talk about changing the world from our most honest, transparent and defenders of a good design Brand.

We Love Music

Music that inspires

The music is a very important element in Minima, it is part of our sound identity and we love to discover new and interesting sounds that we believe that could work for a project, event or just to keep humming it all day.

Eventually we publish Minima Studio Radio – a playlist of the Spotify of the songs that we listen in the studio.

You can subscribe to the playlist and follow us in Spotify.