Beautiful Business of Flowers

The most beautiful Premium flower’s brand in Weston

Beautiful Business of Flowers, is a Premium flower shop located in Weston, FL (USA). It is a family business that seeks to impregnate each one of its products and services with its young and innovative spirit. BB of Flowers was born to materialize its owner’s passion for flowers and plants, and to state emotions and feeling through it smell and beauty.

BB of Flowers Process


Designing for BB of Flowers takes us back to the Victorian Period and the birth of floriography. To represent a Premium brand, with high meaning was the biggest challenge. Flowers tell a story and also create it through the meaning that each one of them represents. The basis for BB of Flowers design is in the different meaning of flowers. Our proposal was to create a Premium brand which presented memories with a unique, simple, honest and beautiful meaning.

BB of Flowers ProcessBB of Flowers ProcessBB of Flowers ProcessBB of Flowers Process

Beautiful Business of Flowers was built under the perception of being an exclusive Brand, inspired in the Victorian Period, but carefully conceived to be modern. From the typography until the color palette, everything is thoroughly designed to express the brand’s nature and achieve the sought perception.

BB of Flowers ColorsBB of Flowers Process Texture

To represent the brand, we design a logo with two different families’ typographic fonts, Didot and Snell Roundhand. We also designed a monogram with the letters BB, the outline of the Premium stamp, seeking the shape association with a flower from a bird’s-eye-view. A logo that at plain sight reflects a brand with quality stamp.

BB of Flowers Logo

Brand Experience

Our proposal for BB Flowers created an elegant, minimalist and exclusive brand, with a perception completely different from the competitors. BB of Flowers, became the biggest expression of a feeling, giving birth to its slogan “Giving memories”.

“We love that behind all the development there is such a thorough and detailed background.” Bibiana Pérez — BB Flowers Publicist

BB of Flowers Business Card
BB of Flowers StationaryBB of Flowers Letter
BB of Flowers Stationary
BB of Flowers Envelopes
BB of Flowers Shopping Bag
BB of Flowers StickersBB of Flowers SignageBB of Flowers Embossed PaperBB of Flowers Labels

For the store’s big Opening, we designed an invitation card and Free Delivery coupon, elements that combined captivated a lot of people.

BB of Flowers Invitation
bb-of-flowers-giftcardBB of Flowers MoleskineBB of Flowers InvitationBB of Flowers Flyer

Along with the stationery we designed the BB of Flowers Online Shop. The whole design was created thinking in comfort and technological demands. And the typography, colors and icons are designed to adapt to any screen.

BB of Flowers Website
BB of Flowers Website