Minima Designer Day

Annual Graphic Design Conference

Minima Designer Day is an event organized by Minima Studio for bring together designers from different disciplines to celebrate the worldwide design day and sharing experiences that helps to grow up as a creative community.

This pilot event wants to became the discussion platform prefered for venezuelan designers, to make contribution in favor of good design and promote it a lever of social and cultural progress of the country.


The visual identity of Minima Designer Day was based in one of the conceptuals elements of design: the dot, the beginning of everything and with which we can create the rest of graphics elements.

Following the concept of the “first element”, we used the dot as start point of a serial events organized by Minima. We decided go further of black and white that characterized us in our visual identity and for first time we choose a vibrant color palette to represent an brand event. Something unusual in our chromatic identity. However, our challenge like a creative team was create an inclusive visual identity which the collective of graphic designers feel identified.

Other important element of this project, was the patterns we design from the dot. Understanding that the line is a dot sequence that origines all of we know, we applicate this patterns as textures in the typographic logo Minima Designer Day ‘17, to fulfill the objective of creating a logo that incorporates in a synthesized way several elements of the design: dot, line, plane, volume, color and textures.

We design a typography and iconography from a dot sequence, which we used in all digital communications of our social media and others printed supports as posters, IDs, notebooks and tshirts.


A honest visual identity that contain the spirit of an event created to bring together a creative group with the same interest about design and desire to celebrate their day as graphic designers from Venezuela. A project to reflect about design and back to basic, wishing to mark a milestone for inspiring and transforming the venezuelan design and plant a change in our society.