A space that brings value and home warmth

Overland is a decorating materials distribution company. A brand that accompanies users in the creation of cozy environments, designed with style and good taste.

With this project we set to design a website in total coherence with a brand that preaches the creation of simple and elegant places as an offer of value.


To accomplish the goal we copied the concept of the grid made in a ceramic tile floor to all the website layouting. Arranging the elements so the images and text charts would connect to each other throughout the corners.

We also designed an iconography to represent each product category, in a unique and personal way. Icons that go beyond, allowing them to be used in digital communications.

Likewise, we selected a warm and soft color pallet that reflects the Brand’s spirit: Home warmth, so to give higher prominence to the color that characterizes the pieces commercialized by Overland, that go from lining to decorating bathroom pieces.


All the user interface and experience in the website, awards an unique refinement to the brand, making it consistent with what it sells and differentiating itself above the rest, by offering a website that thinks in its final user, with relevant information; from dimensions and weight of a specific piece, to the maintenance procedure of it.