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An interface made to revolutionize surgical practices

An emergency room in your backpack

Quiro® is a downloadable minimally invasive surgery simulation video game. That promises to develop surgical skills of Med students, from the comfort of their tablets. It is a Startup, that was developed by Wayra Venezuela.

“Several studies show that surgeons who play these video games make less mistakes in minimally invasive surgeries” — QuiroApp

Quiro App Gameplay


To design Quiro’s interface was a big challenge, the process required a deep research of minimally invasive surgery terms and procedures. There was a series of elements to take into consideration, and some aesthetic rules to follow, but taking always as a premise a clean design with professional perception.

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We designed a modern interface, with images projection of each training category in the video-game. As if it was a hologram, this combined with the design of real instruments of a surgery’s room. The whole interface’s design was taken to a prototype in InVision, a tool that allowed us to see the final result of the design, which helped us solved aesthetic problems on time.

Impressive reality

The outcome was impressive. We didn’t just accomplished a clean and professional interface, we achieved to take Quiro to a level of perception never seen in a video-game, that does not have a competitor in its category. At plain sight, the design recalls a highly attractive surgery environment, clean and overall professional, that invites Med students to develop skills and reinforce knowledge in an easy way that will take them to be more competitive in surgical practices.

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Along with user interface, we also design the video game’s Landing Page.

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Quiro® is a registered trademark of Ludopia.