A handmade brand

VELSAI is a high couture clothes brand handmade. A young brand with its own style that seeks to get best of the personality of women and men with versatile and elegant designs.


We start from the fact that VELSAI is a handmade clothes brand, and we based our creative concept in the “handmade” to design its visual identity. We use a monochromatic colour palette to grant the highest emphasis to the shapes and colour variety present in each one of its garment.

We designed a typographic logotype, using Egraver’s Gothic as the font, but slightly modifying the characters A and V, until we got the logo that later would be printed in a black tag that is present in each VELSAI garment.

With the logo on the fabric tag, we wanted to go beyond sewing it on all the brands communications, such as a letter type, envelopes, presentation cards and packages, so we make use in a consistent way to the “handmade” concept.


A coherent brand universe with VELSAI’s personality and values and a visual speech that communicates eloquently to the value offer of the brand. Based in our precept that perception is everything, we internally set to achieve a captivating result, able to express the esthetic and design restlessness that VELSAI fosters.